Why Manufactured Housing

stock-photo-9894470-residential-mobile-home-on-a-quality-caravan-park-estateExceptional Quality

New manufactured homes are constructed with quality materials, inside and out. From the steel-supporting frame that provides exceptional home stability and superior sidewall strength to the weather-resistant exterior siding that serves as an energy-efficient air infiltration barrier, these manufactured homes meet – or even exceed – the quality of site-built homes.

Built to Last

Manufactured homes are built to exacting standards, offering superior strength and reliability. Use of structural graded wood studs in exterior walls ensures long-lasting durability, support and strength.  Professional-grade roofing materials are used, the typical life expectancy for homes ranged from 30-40 years, although it is not uncommon to homes that are over 40 years old.

Stringent Specifications

All manufactured homes built in the U.S. are constructed in accordance to the HUD Code, a building code established by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Development. The purpose of the code is to establish a uniform set of construction and performance specifications to ensure the proper design and safety of all manufactured housing. The code covers every aspect of construction of manufactured homes, including mechanicals such as plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical systems.

Construction Process

Materials and finishings used to construct manufactured homes are purchased in volume to maximize savings. Plus, the inventory of materials is better managed and controlled and the materials themselves are protected from weather-related damage and the effects of varying humidity levels. Finally, with electrical, plumbing and most other construction processes completed at a single site, scheduling hassles that can slow typical site-built construction are virtually eliminated.

Extraordinary Value

Manufactured homes offer extraordinary value for homebuyers, with an average savings of 30% to 60% over comparable site-built homes.